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Cover Chef Toub Lekker Arabisch


The Arabic cuisine is in my opinion still a neglected child. Unfortunately, this special cooking doesn't get the credits it deserves. People often only think of the common falafel, hummus and kebab sandwiches, while it is so much more than this! The dishes from the Arabic kitchen are versatile, delicious and surprising. In “Tasty Arabic Cuisine" I want to introduce you to the melting pot of cultures and their associated cuisines, from Moroccan to Turkish and from Afghanistan to the Lebanese flavors.

This book is intended for anyone who wants to discover the taste of the Arabic cuisine, but also for the second and third generation of Moroccan-Dutch people. Unlike their parents and grandparents, they are often two-income households who have less time to cook. As a result, knowledge of traditional Arab gastronomy is lost. And that's a shame! Enjoy a Moroccan couscous salad or Turkish lentil soup on a weekday, and unwind on the weekends with a lovely mezze for lunch with the whole family. And don't forget: cook and eat with lots of love and pleasure.

"The king of Arab cuisine, this man can really cook! I will use his book and copy the dishes, but tell no one that I did not invent them myself…"

– Najib Amhali

“Mounir Toub is very driven, passionate, fun, loving and a personality with so much enthusiasm. For him, cooking is a form of art. He always gives all his heart in his work and radiates with true happiness.”

- Nasrdin Dchar

“The Mediterranean, the hub of my foundation, with its power of the sun and truth. My companion Mounir has handed this over with his style of cooking. Let yourself completely go, just like me.”

- Robert J.K. Kranenborg

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