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Mounir Toub

cook & eat

with lots 

of love

and pleasure

Chef Mounir Toub

about Mounir Toub

Mounir Toub is a chef and known from his famous episodes for 24Kitchen TV channel, as a regular chef for the tv show “Kook met MAX“ and other TV programs, where he gives a glimpse into his Arabian cuisine. As an enthusiastic and energetic chef, Mounir has worked with Michelin star chefs such as Robert Kranenborg and Margo Reuten, but above all he has been trained by his mother. It is his passion to inspire young cooking talents world wide.


I was born in 1978 being the middle one in a family of three boys. My father was a hard worker with two jobs who wanted to support his family and raise his children well. My mother was also a tough worker and – until my youngest brother went to college – she spend all her time to literally educate us. My parents did a wonderful job. With discipline, a smile, lots of love and good food, my brothers and I had a fairly carefree childhood. In all my memories of the past –which gives me a warm and loving feeling – food played a prominent role. Food from my sweet and caring mother.


Chef education

"I don't care what you study. As long as it is fair work, you can support your family later on and it will make you happy, “those were my father's words when I was in my high school senior graduation year. I was fifteen years old when I graduated and was not yet entitled to a student college. My father was unable to pay the monthly costs for public transport, so I had to look for further education in my home town of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Fortunately, from the four courses that I would like to follow, the chef's course was offered in Eindhoven. And so I decided to become a chef.


I started at a specialized fish restaurant in Veldhoven, where guests from all of the country came for the delicious fish dishes and the high quality cuisine. In the two years that I worked there, I learned the basics of cooking. Working with fresh products, making everything manually (from soups and sauces to desserts and bonbons) and working very hard. I really loved it and I was sure I had made a good choice; cooking was what I wanted! In the years that followed I got in touch with master chefs Eugène Swalen and Margot Reuten, who taught me how to cook at a higher level.


Cooking & more
This only increased my enthusiasm and honest love for cooking. I have been able to work for beautiful companies and with amazing chefs, which has shaped me as the chef I am now. Thanks to my mother as an absolute source of inspiration and all the chefs as my supervisors, I knew from an early age that I wanted to continue in this beautiful profession. Besides taking courses in cooking and catering - and of course working in the catering industry myself - I also did a lot besides that. I was busy with workshops, I provided a cooking class for Fontys Education Colleges  (where I studied for my part-time higher professional education for being a chef teacher) and I have organized private dinners. In addition, I enjoyed working as a teacher at the Summa College in Eindhoven, where I have been able to teach level 1 cooking, and I worked for more than twelve years. At the time, I also wrote recipes for a magazine whose dishes were filmed and posted on YouTube. Those videos were noticed by 24Kitchen TV Channel Network and that's how I ended up there. From October 2011 I have been able to do many great things for 24Kitchen.

Busy bee

And then it went fast. I now have three personal cookbooks and I have worked on eight more, I have been cooking on the television program ‘Kook met MAX’ since 2018 and I am one of the regular chefs at “Tijd voor MAX”. I teach at the practical school in Eindhoven and as well with chef Robert Kranenborg for the Kranenborg Academy in Amsterdam. I have been an ambassador for KAS and BAS (kitchen and operating assistant) for SVH since 2019, where I have contributed to new teaching materials. Besides that I recently started with cooking workshops for men every last Sunday of the month. I may be a busy bee, but one thing never changes: I am grateful every day for everything I am allowed to do, alhamdoulileh!

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